Milan, Italy


A random man outside the Duomo decided to fill my hands with bird seed (twice) even after I politely declined his offers.

I thought he might try to charge me for this “service,” but I guess he was just attempting to entertain himself by encouraging pigeons to flock all over total strangers. I just wanted a photo in front of the cathedral, but I think the birds turned out to be a nice touch!


Only a short train ride from Verona, Milan seemed like a logical place to start for independent travel. From the massive Duomo Cathedral to incredible shopping and numerous historic monuments and castles, there were endless possibilities for things to do and see in the city. We even managed to find restaurants that served burritos and hamburgers, a welcome change from the pasta I’ve been living off of lately.



FullSizeRender (1)

Apparently in Italy, McDonald’s actually seems to be somewhat of a nice restaurant. This one in the Milan train station was complete with touch-screen ordering kiosks, a bakery, gelato/ice cream bar, and a coffee shop!


If you like window shopping outside places where you can’t afford to buy anything, then the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele plaza is for you!


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