Barcelona, Spain


Prior to this trip, my limited knowledge of Barcelona was drawn primarily from the classic cinematic masterpiece, The Cheetah Girls 2. Over the weekend, I managed to see most of the sights that the Disney Channel stars “strutted” past in their gauchos, cardigans, and denim miniskirts back in 2006. (What a time for fashion!)


We started our first day in the city with a free walking tour that turned out to be way better than expected and ended up going on two additional tours later in the evening. Barcelona was much bigger than I realized, so having a tour guide to point out the important things was super helpful. The company we went through (New Europe Tours) was awesome and our guide, Leon, might be one of the coolest people I’ve ever met!

The Gaudí buildings and Park Güell were a definite highlight for me. If you’ve got deep pockets and can spare to dish out nearly 10 dollars, you can even take a photo on the infamous mosaic bench in the park to commemorate your visit. Considering that I only had 50 cents left on me at the time, I just decided to admire it from afar.

Despite the unexpected rain and brief hail storm that came out of nowhere, Barcelona has been one of my favorite destinations so far!





This was as close as us peasants were allowed to get to the bench for free.



Anyone else think this looks strangely similar to those drip sandcastles you used to make as a kid?





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2 thoughts on “Barcelona, Spain

  1. Chamberlain,

    I love the post. Would love to set up a video chat with our first block kids before the year is out. I am so proud of you. Keep up the great work.

    Go G.E.N.E.R.A.L.S.,

    Chris Lusk

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