Spring Break: Germany, Austria & Norway


As if studying abroad wasn’t great enough, last week was the start of my 10 day spring break, complete with trips to 3 different countries!

First Stop: Munich, Germany

I enjoyed my time in Germany way more than I was expecting to. The food was delicious (I’m pretty sure I ate bratwurst 5 days in a row, a decision my digestive system most definitely despised me for). The public transportation was incredible. The people were friendly and spoke impeccable English. Some of the trip highlights included:

Listening to a man in a hotel bar sing an original song about his conception while his parents watched proudly from the crowd

Discovering that I no longer possess a proficiency for bike riding

Dropping my camera in the middle of the road while struggling to ride previously mentioned bike

Participating in an impromptu dance battle

Winning said impromptu dance battle

Consuming a number of cough drops that I’m almost positive were laxatives in disguise

Discovering the side effects of said cough drops

Getting lost on the way to the airport after walking around for nearly an hour

Taking a $70 cab ride to the airport after giving up on walking

Thanks for the memories Germany!

imageimageimageProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetimageimage

Up Next: Salzburg, Austria

Our group trip to Salzburg was a little colder than expected due the “slight blizzard” that was going on around us all day; this made for a very interesting and soggy 2 hour walking tour. I had high hopes for Salzburg, especially with it being the famous location of The Sound of Music, however, it was quite difficult to see anything because of the snow. I also only managed to take the following 4 photos during the entire day since my hands were a bit too frozen to operate a camera.


Final Destination: Oslo, Norway

When I found out that I would be studying abroad in Europe this semester, one of the first things I did was plan a trip to Oslo for spring break. When I was in high school, my family hosted Madeleine, a foreign exchange student from Norway, in our home for a year. Nearly four years later, I was finally able to visit Madeleine and her family in Norway. She was a wonderful tour guide and her family was precious! I am so grateful to them for hosting me in their home and doing so much for me throughout the week.


Having home-cooked meals and being with Madeleine’s family for a few days did make me miss being back with my own family! This semester in Italy has been amazing, but I am excited to return to Georgia in a few weeks and see my friends, sisters, and parents.

I also really miss Chickfila, having a functioning cell phone, creamy peanut butter, driving my car, warm weather, and free (non-sparkling) tap water. I’m definitely looking forward to having those things back in my life when I come home next month!


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